how solar works


For over 40 years our product has been made in the USA and installed on our customers’ homes and businesses. Each dollar spent on American-made products creates jobs and prosperity for local communities.

The 4 Steps of acquiring Solar

Step 1: Professional Consultation

We will schedule a free-estimate consultation with a renewable energy expert to see if solar works with your home. 1 (844) 377-0733

Step 2: System Design

We will design and evaluate your roof to determine the best placement for your solar panels.

Step 3: Installation

Installation by true professionals, with decades of roofing and solar experience, ensures your system is built right and your roof is protected.

Step 4: Final Inspection & Power Up

Once we work with your local building authorities and utility services, it is time to power up. You can sit back and watch the savings. Now you see the light at the end of the tunnel: no more huge electricity bills.

Installation by True Professionals

  • Keep your incentives and tax credits

  • We find the most efficient plan for you

  • We leave your roof better than we found it